Friday, February 20, 2009

Sizzling conversation now! (Conversational State Elicitation)

Make your conversations fascinating by using your subjects' own feelings! Plenty of exercises & experiments for you to go out and try. Don't take my word for it--it works!

The Question, the Hook...
Ever get stuck in a dry conversation that turned into a “job interview?” No feeling of connection, no enthusiasm, and you just couldn’t get that spark? Ever have a great story or a routine, but your audience was just unreceptive? No connection?

People usually feel a connection when they’re both experiencing similar emotional states.

Think about it. When someone “really gets into” a TV show they usually feel a connection with their favorite character. A great song makes someone feel a connection to the singer, and people in a theater can feel so connected to the hero that they forget where they are—as long as the emotional state is strong.
Here’s a really easy little conversational technique to jumpstart the momentum.

Read the whole thing by clicking here! (You'll be able to read it online, or download it as a PDF or word doc).

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