Friday, February 20, 2009

Sizzling conversation now! (Conversational State Elicitation)

Make your conversations fascinating by using your subjects' own feelings! Plenty of exercises & experiments for you to go out and try. Don't take my word for it--it works!

The Question, the Hook...
Ever get stuck in a dry conversation that turned into a “job interview?” No feeling of connection, no enthusiasm, and you just couldn’t get that spark? Ever have a great story or a routine, but your audience was just unreceptive? No connection?

People usually feel a connection when they’re both experiencing similar emotional states.

Think about it. When someone “really gets into” a TV show they usually feel a connection with their favorite character. A great song makes someone feel a connection to the singer, and people in a theater can feel so connected to the hero that they forget where they are—as long as the emotional state is strong.
Here’s a really easy little conversational technique to jumpstart the momentum.

Read the whole thing by clicking here! (You'll be able to read it online, or download it as a PDF or word doc).

Monday, February 16, 2009

Unsinkable Anchors!


Here’s a quick follow up to our last meet-up on the basic "how-to" of anchoring techniques.

“Anchoring” is one of the most commonly found topics in NLP literature. It’s been studied and codified to the point that it seems like a very complicated and esoteric thing, and you can certainly make a study of it. But at it’s heart, it’s pretty easy.

An anchor is a thing (a word, a touch a gesture or a sound) that triggers an emotion, a memory of a feeling.

Did you ever hear a song on the radio that reminded you of a time, a place or a feeling form your past? Is there a food that reminds you of something from your past? Have you ever seen or heard anything that made you think or feel anything else? That’s what anchoring is all about. It’s simply creating an association in the subconscious mind.

Read the whole thing by clicking here! (You'll be able to read it online, or download it as a PDF or word doc).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Welcome to Success Work!

Welcome to the blog for my Hypnosis & NLP practice. I've set this blog up to share information, experience and techniques with clients, friends and fellow hypnotists. I'm also attaching some downloadable files of techniques that anyone can use in everyday life. Expect a lot more content in the near future, including MP3s and maybe even some cool videos.

I'm also one of the co-organizers of the NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching Meetup group in NYC (click on the link on the left). We've been meeting for several years now, and are open to people of all skill levels. The accent is on practice, and coming away with material you can begin to apply immediately in real life. Hope to see you there!