Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do you believe me?

I'm often asked why I don't add more footnotes to my articles.

The reason is--
I don't (necessarily) want you to believe me!

It's common for academic documents to back up their position with a plethora of footnotes to verify the author's hypothesis. My articles are strictly from my point of view and based on my experiences, and I feel that my conclusions are valid. But I'm sharing them to inspire you to think about and experiment with these subjects. It's great if, after you read these, you come to the same conclusions that I do. Nevertheless, I always say: do your own research and come to your own conclusions!

If, at the end of it all, you come to the same results I do, I'd love to hear about it. If you find I'm full of hooey, let me know about that too!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why you should learn about Learned Helplessness

"Learned helplessness—it’s not really a term that you hear used in NLP or hypnosis, rather it’s from the realm of psychology, and like so many psychological terms, bastardized versions have found their way into common everyday conversations. Still, it’s a very important mechanism, and understanding learned helplessness will go far towards understanding what makes people behave in the ways they do. In everyday use, you might hear phrases like: “my room-mate is such a slob. He won’t do a bit of housework unless I really push him—he’s a real case of learned helplessness.” Well, it’s certain he’s a slob, and while the person doing the talking is referring to his
inability towards independent housework, whether or not it’s the result of “learned helplessness” is arguable."

--Ever wonder why some people get "blocked" in life?

--have you tried to figure out why some people will wallow in miserable situations when you can plainly see they have a way out?

--Ever wonder why you sometimes put your mind on a goal and the harder you work to achieve it the harder it is to achieve?

--Why some people keep falling back into the same old rut?

--Have you ever been curious if Jeff was any good at baseball?

Read this short discussion of Learned Helplessness and find the answers to these questions and more!

Read it online or download it here:
Learned Helplessness