Friday, August 14, 2009

True Lies

Here's a great little article on NPR about a new way to approach interrogations to ascertain the truth. Most of the sort of things that are "giveaways" in the movies are just that--dramatic devices. Nervousness, confusion, and so forth aren't proof of lies. In fact, We've all probably experienced liars in the workplace and found thay are typically the smoothest most "believable." How do you tell truth from fiction?

There are a few key elements to pay attention to, particularly for NLP fans:

--Notice how they expand the scope of the interrogation to collect information rather than just elicit a confession (reframe).
--Notice they way they establish a baseline for the truth, so they can calibrate further answers from the suspect (calibration).
--Notice the way they open up the suspect's defense by interrupting the suspect's pattern by making them tell the story in a way other than expected(pattern interrupt).

If peole would like me to go into some of the skills presented here and some of my own experiences with truth and liars, send me an email.