Saturday, January 28, 2012 -- Brainwave Entrainment, Free Online!

A lot of people have been interested in exploring brainwave entrainment audios, also known as isochronic or binaural beats (those are actually two different but similar types of entrainment tracks, BTW). These are audios that will guide your brain to function at a certain frequency, whether a meditative frequency (Alpha rate), a deeply contemplative state (Theta), a sleepy state (Delta), an alert state (Beta). Such recordings can quickly and easily get you into the kind of mind-state that you want to be in, a sort of a tuning fork from the brain. They can be great resources, and they can be a lot of fun.
In a nutshell, they are recordings with sounds that oscillate at the same frequency that you'd like your mind to be functioning at. As you listen to them, your brain begins to alter it's rhythm to match the audio, in much the same way that a headbanger kid will swing his head in time to the beat of a favorite band, or a cowboy may tap his toe to the sound of a banjo. The effect is even more powerful when combined with similarly oscillating visuals, and there are even expensive devices with headphones and goggles that flash, that will play entrainment audio and video for you. Expensive devices. Well, Here's a chance to explore these things for free! offers a number of carefully crafted audio AND video tracks right on their website for you to enjoy. Just click on the square that entices you and go! These things have been called electronic drugs. They aren't, though that's a good selling talk, but they are fun, and very trancey. Obviously, do not use them while driving, operating heavy machinery or tattooing bikers, and do not use them if you have a risk or a history of seizures.