Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reblog: See how Ray Dalio, "Hedge Fund Genius," credits meditation for his inspiration

When I used to run regular self-development events, I had a lot of people coming to me who worked in various aspects of business, things like financial services, sales, management and of course entrepreneurs. A lot of them were looking for ways to increase their creativity, confidence and saavy. There are a lot of NLP & hypnosis techniques that can be used to great effect, and other stuff as well. I'd also always felt basic meditation was a great way to give yourself the focus you needed, but I wasn't sure it was a "business-like" topic to introduce--but to my surprise, I had a lot of hardcore business folks approaching me about meditation! It seems that many of the business-motivation authors and speakers sung the benefits of meditation to help business people achieve success.

I always like to read stories of the way real, successful people are actually employing these things, and here's a brief but excellent portrait from Daily

Ray Dalio, Hedge Fund Genius, Says Meditation Is Secret to His Success

by IBTimes Nov 12th 2013 11:51AM

One of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world attributes his success to a daily meditation regimen.

"I've been doing it for 44 years, twice a day for 20 minutes," says Ray Dalio, the guru behind Bridgewater Associates, speaking at Tuesday's NYTimes Dealbook Conference. "It's such a great investment ... more than any other factor in my success. It opens up the two sides of the brain, brings a creativity and open-mindedness." He adds, "It allows you to clear your head and bring an equanimity to everything."
There's more! Read the whole article here:

And if you want to get started with your own practice, check out my book "Everybody's Meditation Book." I wrote it specifically for people who want to get started right away, but don't want to have to learn exotic terminology or buy incense and candles. Over 20 different techniques for different approaches and different goals and purposes, because different people have different needs and tastes. There's also a great chapter on stress management full of practical approaches gleaned from my years in high-stress, high speed Madison Avenue Advertising agencies.

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