Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A quick Comment About Knowledge vs. Wisdom

I've been lucky in some ways, in that I've lived many lives. I spent a number of years as an athlete (a good 10 years in competition), in big businesses (20 years), art, and some other exotic arenas before being drawn into personal coaching, hypnosis and NLP.

In any endeavor, business, marriage, music, martial arts, whatever, there are certain phases a person hors through. The first is the RAH-RAH phase, where everything is wonderful and amazing. The next phase is the crisis, the "what am I doing with my life"! phase. If you make it through that, and some people decide it's the time to quit, is the experience phase, where you finally have a clear perspective. Everything you've learned before the crisis is knowledge, but after the crisis what you begin to acquire is wisdom. (and part of that wisdom is that this cycle will probably repeat itself over and over again). Now, when someone in the rah-rah stage wants to dispute me about something I know very well, all I can do is shrug and wonder how soon before they catch up.

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